Tartu Ülikooli Oecologicum

TRACES OF EXTINCTION: Species Loss, Solastalgia and Semiotics of Recovery

Organiser : Timo Maran

Participation at the conference Traces of Extinction to present the publication and project The Veil of Nature in collaboration with Fanny Weinquin.

The aim of the event is to discuss mass extinction from different perspectives: as a subjective experiential process, as a breakdown of semiosis, as an impoverishment of nature-cultures. In this context, our aim is to find ways in which creative culture and artistic research can raise awareness of and mitigate species...

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Tartu Art House (Tartu Kunstimaja), Estonia
Group exhibition

Missing (Puudutakse)

Curated by Sara Bédart – Goulet & Marie-Laure Delaporte

with Ackroyd & Harvey, Justine Blau, Samuel Collins & Mo Langmuir, Alain Delorme, Katrin Gattinger, Elisa Gleize, Louise Gügi, Jayne Ivimey, Flo Kasearu & Elina Vitola, Linda Knight, Diana Lelonek, Kristina Õllek, Fiona Tan

The exhibition Missing is part of the Tartu 2024 Unfit Remains project, which focuses on the cultural meaning of endangerment and brings to public attention aspects of extinction through artistic means. It is...

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University of Tartu Botanical Garden, Estonia
Solo Exhibition

Looduse loor (Veil of nature)

As part of Tartu 2024, curated by Fanny Weinquin.

The exhibition explores man’s relationship with nature and conservation practices, dealing symbolically with the desire to revive an extinct plant from Charles Darwin’s herbarium. Contemplating the role of the Botanical Garden as a preservation and science place, the art works navigate between documentation, illusion, and narration, creating a fertile dialogue between art and science.

12:00 Opening

13:00 Guided tour with Justine Blau & Fanny...

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Fonderie Darling, Source : Wikipedia
Fonderie Darling, Montreal

Residency at the Fonderie Darling, Montreal

During her residency at Fonderie Darling, Justine Blau will pursue her research into the topic of solastalgia, or the psychic or existential distress of certain individuals faced with the destruction of the natural world. Through collaborative work in the form of recordings, photographs and videos, she will interrogate different conceptions of nature that exist outside of the Western dogma of modernity, as they relate to the subjects of genesis and animacy inherent to Indigenous worldviews...

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Gare Matapedia, Gaspesie
La Gare de Matapédia, Canada

Residency at La Gare de Matapédia in Gaspésie in Québec

During her residency at La Gare de Matapédia in Gaspésie in Québec, Justine Blau will pursue her research into the topic of Solastalgia, through collaborative work in the form of recordings, photographs and videos, asking : what do we do when landscapes leave us ? Residency in collaboration with the Fonderie Darling, Montréal

Residency programme run by Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg


Veil of Nature, K_Verlag
KVerlag, Berlin

Veil of Nature with K Verlag, Berlin

A publication in relation to the  the De-extinct research project with the Sicyos villosus as a main protagonist.

Endemic to the Galapagos Islands, Sicyos villosa was collected by Charles Darwin during his journey on the Beagle (1831–36) but is now extinct. This forlorn member of the Cucurbitaceae family is still known to science thanks only to a single specimen preserved in the Sainsbury Laboratory of the Cambridge University Herbarium, where Darwin’s complete botanical collection is...

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