Fortress I & II

Installation made of sand and plywood, referring to Luxembourg’s fortress and its constant physical and signification changes throughout history. Evocative of children’s sand castles, the work also alludes to my personal history in this country.





Sculpture, 2012
Paper, pins, felt, Perspex case, h: 100cm, l: 40cm, w: 35cm
Satellite views from Google Earth transformed into origami paper ‘paper hen’ , to constitute a collection of mountain peaks where natural and national borders meet.

The Alps

Sculpture, 2011

Glass vitrine, photographs, polystyrene, pins, stapes, h: 240cm, l: 120cm, w: 70cm
A mountainous landscape unfolds in an old museum display case. Behind the glass window one sees a postcard – like scenery with white summits and grass green valleys and cows grazing in them, framed by deep green pine forests concealing a lake and a river running through it. One would think a typical Swiss landscape.

The picturesque scene seems very familiar, with a strange feeling of déjà-vu. However it does not exist. It is a reconstitution made of photographs found on the web, using search engine keywords such as ‘Switzerland’, ‘Swiss mountain’ and ‘Swiss Alps’.

The Forest

Sculpture, 2012
Glass vitrine, digital prints, polystyrene, pins, stables, h: 240cm, l: 120cm, w: 70cm
A jungle landscape unfolds in an old museum display case. The scene is constituted of one single image found on the web, repeated into a copy-paste process to generate a lush green jungle. Despite a strong sense of familiarity and originality, the place has no origins and is a mere construction of signs.