Anatomie du corps humain

Collage, 2012
Anatomical chart, paper, glu. Poster: h: 66cm, w: 50 cm; collages: h: 29.7cm, w: 21 cm
Anatomie du corps humain is an anatomical chart of the human body, which has been broken down into different components, to constitute a drawing and six flesh- coloured collages. The original anatomical diagram has been stripped from its visuals , with only the annotations subsisting. Two ghostly human figures remain identifiable through the words drawing the body’s outline. The muscles drawings have been cut out and reassembled into different collages, to form organic figures, which could either be botanical or zoological.

Formes Passagères


Somewhere Else I

Installation, 2008
Ink-jet prints, polystyrene, staples, pins, h: 120cm, w: 280cm, d: 350cm

Somewhere Else is an installation made of photographs collected from the web, which have been assembled to create a three-dimensional collage to create an ideal and virtual landscape. The work refers to the photographic medium and its use, questioning the type of imageries it generates and how they are spread in the media. It is also an allusion to the photogenic and the tourist’s gaze expressed by means of a camera. Tourism creates mythologies: as a tourist we are in quest for virgin territories and untouched traditions to be recorded on camera.

Somewhere Else II

Installation, 2009

Ink-jet prints, polystyrene, staples, pins, h: 180cm, w: 260cm, d: 240cm

Casting the role of a modern explorer, the artist uses search engines to travel the web, gleaning photographs from private and corporate websites, photo-sharing sites and travel blogs, to create a three-dimensional installation forming a miniature landscape located somewhere between fiction and reality. The work is concerned with the way foreign places are portrayed and the aura they possess through their state of remoteness, looking at similitudes and dissimilitudes.

This installation is part of a larger and continuous project, constituted of a series of eponymous installations.

The Alps

Sculpture, 2011

Glass vitrine, photographs, polystyrene, pins, stapes, h: 240cm, l: 120cm, w: 70cm
A mountainous landscape unfolds in an old museum display case. Behind the glass window one sees a postcard – like scenery with white summits and grass green valleys and cows grazing in them, framed by deep green pine forests concealing a lake and a river running through it. One would think a typical Swiss landscape.

The picturesque scene seems very familiar, with a strange feeling of déjà-vu. However it does not exist. It is a reconstitution made of photographs found on the web, using search engine keywords such as ‘Switzerland’, ‘Swiss mountain’ and ‘Swiss Alps’.

The Circumference of the Cumanan Cactus

Photography, 2010 (Series of 9)
Duratrans and lightboxes, h: 120cm x w: 120cm each

The Circumference of the Cumanán Cactus consitutes a series of nine lightboxes, and was a commission for Manchester Piccadilly Station. The photographs represent natural landscapes that bear little signs of human presence, promoting the archetypal idea of an untouched land in its primal state. Located in an urban area of transit, the work replaces the traditional ‘selling dreams’ tourism billboard.

The nine scenes depict landscapes, stemming from all around the globe. What at first appear to be traditional photographs, are actually three-dimensional constructions of places, collages created by means of found photographs. Acting as optical illusions, the images sway between the worlds of reality and fiction, nature and culture. This project looks at imageries that have arisen with the very act of ‘traveling’. These photographs took as inspiration, drawings and paintings of landscapes, created during different journeys throughout the centuries.

These pictorial accounts of remote exotic places emerged with the age of exploration, a time when Europeans started trawling through the world in the quest of new territories. This tradition has persisted with the 18-19th century’s scientific expeditions under Darwin and Humboldt, the European Grand Tour and nowadays’ modern tourism.

Images of lush green-covered hills, unsettled seas and fuming volcanoes have circulated, to become part of our collective imagination, inducing the idea of the existence of paradise-like places. The work is concerned with these representations of the ‘outside’ world, when returned ‘home’; the images working as visual descriptions and scientific proofs, but also as exotic memorabilia and objects of myths.

The Forest

Sculpture, 2012
Glass vitrine, digital prints, polystyrene, pins, stables, h: 240cm, l: 120cm, w: 70cm
A jungle landscape unfolds in an old museum display case. The scene is constituted of one single image found on the web, repeated into a copy-paste process to generate a lush green jungle. Despite a strong sense of familiarity and originality, the place has no origins and is a mere construction of signs.

What is the colour of the red planet, really ?